Grespania invests in a new factory for Coverlam
Grespania invests in a new factory for Coverlam
09 November 2015

 Grespania, S.A. has begun work on the construction of a new production plant for laminated porcelain tiles sold under the Coverlam brand.

The new factory will be based in Moncófar, a town in the province of Castellon. It will incorporate state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing large-format laminated porcelain tiles of up to 120 x 360cm, with a thickness of only 3.5mm or 5.6mm.

The large format and special features of this laminated porcelain tile open up new possibilities for the use of ceramics, at the same time as introducing new aesthetic aspects fully in line with the latest décor trends.

Coverlam can be used not only as a porcelain tile for floors and walls - whether indoors or outdoors - but also for kitchen countertops, furniture, ventilated facades, and so on. Its characteristics make it a highly wear-resistant product that can withstand heat, fire, or frost.

Grespania’s new plant requires an investment of €30 million and will create 50 new jobs. The technology chosen by Grespania for these facilities enables high levels of productivity and is very energetically efficient, thus reducing energy consumption as well as emissions and waste generated by the production process.

With this new investment, Grespania, S.A. continues to lead the way both in terms of products and technology, just as it has done since the company was founded.

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