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2019 Nueva línea de producción que permite producir formatos de porcelánico 120x120 cm y 80x160 cm, incorporando las últimas técnicas disponibles como prensas de 10.000 toneladas y aplicaciones de tintas y esmaltes “Full digital” 
 Production starts at Coverlam factory in Moncofar. It will incorporate state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing large-format laminated porcelain tiles of up to 120 x 360cm, with a thickness of only 3.5mm or 5.6mm. 2016
2014 Launch of H&C Tiles, an anti-pollutant, self-cleaning, bactericidal porcelain tile. 
 Launch of Coverlam, a large format porcelain tile up to 3.5mm thick 2010
2007 Porcelain plant in Castellon starts production - the most advanced factory in Spain for technical porcelain tile manufacture 
 Opening of Grespania UK 2005
2001 First production of special pieces 
 Expansion of the wall tile factory and opening of Grespania Polska 2000
1998 Opening of Grespania France 
 Opening of Grespania Netherlands 1994
1989 Opening of Grespania Italy 
 Production starts at wall tile factory providing full production cycle, capacity for ceramic powder production and cogeneration 1986
1980 Start of white body tile production 
 Founding of Grespania 1974
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