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Commitment to the environment

Grespania has demonstrated a constant concern for the environment throughout its history. One of this company’s strongest commitments, therefore, is to develop strategies aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of its production processes while increasing its positive effect on society.

Grespania has led the way in terms of developing environmental conservation policies and, staying true to this commitment, since the very beginning has implemented environmentally-friendly programmes such as the installation of a water purification system, the cogeneration project or the projected ‘Zero Waste’ wall tile factory.

One line of action has led to us achieving Integrated Environmental Authorization, which certifies that our factories employ the best available environmental techniques in terms of pollution prevention, as well as transparency of information concerning pollution control.

In 2010, Grespania expanded its environmental focus beyond production processes and began releasing products which positively impact the environment. Today, Grespania’s product range includes floor tiles that minimize the waste generated during construction work and wall tiles that purify the air in the atmosphere.
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