Coverlam Top begins its international expansion
Coverlam Top begins its international expansion

Grespania has started an international project to upgrade all its logistics centres to be able to handle and store Coverlam Top.

Coverlam Top is an ultra-resistant material manufactured from natural raw materials that have been subjected to high pressures and temperatures through an advanced production process.

In 2017, Grespania opened centres in Granada and Barcelona, the latter being a new build. The logistics centre in Santiago de Compostela, and subsidiaries in Paris, Birmingham, Lodz, Eindhoven and Modena are currently being refurbished.

The upgrade of the service centres and subsidiaries will consist of installing overhead cranes, creating an area of the warehouse dedicated to the storage of Coverlam Top panels, and updating the displays to show different spaces with Top Coverlam countertops. All centres and subsidiaries will have sales and technical staff specialized in countertops and marble working.

Through this commitment to investing in dedicated infrastructure, the Grespania Group is looking ahead to the potential development of its distribution channel in the kitchen sector.
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