New Grespania showroom
New Grespania showroom
10 February 2015
After a year’s work, Grespania has opened the doors of its expanded and renovated showroom at its headquarters in Castellon (Spain). The new showroom is more than 1300 m2 in size and is divided into two conceptually distinct areas.

In the first area, visitors can take a tour of different living spaces that recreate different rooms in the home, including living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms...


A second area for architects and interior designers features more than 500m2 of open space, with a structure reminiscent of loft-type architecture.

Within this framework, we have recreated a luxury modern hotel with a number of rooms the visitor can check out to discover the many design and construction possibilities of our product offering: ventilated façades; surfaces treated with H&C technology; Coverlam - large format, ultrathin porcelain tiles; as well as the most attractive, modern collections of technical porcelain.

This new showroom moves away from the traditional "ceramic products showcase" and instead offers an area providing inspiration to both influential architects and the end customer. That is why Grespania uses life-size environments to demonstrate real applications of ceramics in both residential and commercial settings, as well as all the accompanying decorative pieces.

A number of design and interior decoration companies have collaborated with Grespania’s design team to create this exhibition, including the architecture firm Montoliu & Associates.
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