Grespania in “1000 companies to inspire Europe 2018”.
Grespania in “1000 companies to inspire Europe 2018”.
Grespania has been selected as one of the 15 companies from the Valencian Community featured in the report “1000 companies to inspire Europe 2018”.

This report presents the European Union's most innovative, dynamic and fastest-growing companies, offering them the opportunity to be part of the London Stock Exchange's ELITE programme.

This great news is the result of Grespania's drive for innovation, built on the back of years of investment in new technologies that ensure greater energy efficiency, such as the new manufacturing plant for the Coverlam by Grespania laminated porcelain range. Other initiatives include the refurbishment of all its logistics centres so that they can store and handle new products, such as Coverlam Top.

We here at Grespania want to reaffirm our commitment to growth and innovation: that's why our facilities will soon include a new 1000 m2 exhibition space dedicated exclusively to Coverlam.

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