COVERLAM A ceramic skin
COVERLAM A ceramic skin
30 March 2016

A new era begins with the introduction of the ceramic skin, new words coined to redefine decoration and architecture.

A revolution of styles, applications and effects... Grespania opens up new horizons with its Coverlam collection; impressive laminated and rectified porcelain stoneware bases, with a minimum thickness of 3,5mm and 5,6mm, characterised by a wide variety of formats and lightweight pieces, designed for all kinds of surfaces.

Floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, worktops, doors, facades... are given a new look: oxide, stone, cement and wood. There are no limits.

Coverlam is an ideal option for cladding furniture or surfaces that have the most demanding finishes. As a technical porcelain it offers unlimited applications thanks to its´ mechanical properties and aesthetic appeal, which results in proposals that stand out for their versatility, timelessness and innovation, giving both aesthetic and technical solutions for any kind of surface.

It is chemical and fire resistant, easy to clean and prevents the growth of mold, bacteria and fungi, making it an ideal material for cladding kitchen countertops, islands or bathrooms.

Because of its thickness, it is a material that is easy to cut and handle which qualify it as a perect option when creating decorative feature walls and even curved walls due to the flexibility in large formats.

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