Privacy Policy

Details of the responsible party

Identity: GRESPANIA, S.A. (CIFA12017455)
Physical address: CV-16 KM 2.2 Castellón, Spain
Telephone: +34 964 344 411

Purpose of the data processing and data retention period

Contact: Replying to questions sent to the company, as well as responding to requests for information about the products and services we offer.
The data will be kept for as long as the user does not assert his/her right to cancel.
Employment: Support and customer service to clients and suppliers. Response to requests for information from web users.

Legitimacy in processing your data

Contact/Employment: Authorization by the user/candidate

Recipients of your data

Data recipient(s): No transfers of data to third parties

Exercising your rights

Access, corrections, objections, deletions, automated decisions, limitations, data portability
You can exercise your rights by the following means:
Email providing documentation that proves the identity of the claimant (a copy of the front of your National Identity card, or equivalent)
In any event, you can request the protection of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection via its website.

Response time: 1 month


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