22 kwiecień 2016
The temperature is rising and the good weather is back in business. Summer is in full swing and gardens, swimming pools and terraces are set to steal the limelight. Now is the time to choose wisely from our materials to maximize resistance and security for those enjoying their time in the sun.

Maestrazgo series

Namibia series

Our cutting edge ceramic materials are now available in a variety of designs and finishes that adapt to an abundance of decorative styles whilst simultaneously guaranteeing resistance to high transit areas and all weather conditions. Even in wet conditions anti-slip and rugged finishes provide maximum grip around pool areas. This is essential in aiding the avoidance of any slip and fall accidents.

City 15MM series

Coverlam series

City 15MM series                          Nexo series                                 City 15MM series

The trend this year is of natural style, integrating the need to escape with a sense of relaxation. With a variety of finishes on hand we are given the opportunity to combine indoor and outdoor flooring which helps to minimize visual barriers.

Dock series

One of the most sought after materials is wood as it presents a warm touch and evokes a natural mood. Collections such as Patagonia, available in 20mm thickness, and Amazonia offer a handcrafted charm that has been aged to perfection to help achieve a unique space.

Amazonia series + Bahia                                            Amazonia series

Patagonia series

Amazonia series + Recife

Also highly coveted are stone finishes such as Sintra, which features strong character designs and high contrast graphics, as well as the neutral and sober tones of Lyon, available in 20mm and regular thickness. Both are elegant collections capable of reflecting the mystic and natural beauty of this material.

Sintra series (floor) / Cubana ( facade)

Lyon series

Lyon series (high paving)

Far from being cold and rough, concrete materials have become a firm favourite of architects and interior designers alike, as they offers great possibilities. Collections like Dock -20MM or regular thickness- and Titan -5,6mm Coverlam or regular thickness- have proven to be the best option to create contemporary, neutral and vanguard projects. Their appearance makes it easy to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, and guarantees optimal results in large spaces such as hotels and shops.

Dock series

Titan series (facade) / Caucaso (floor)

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