Grespania updates its showroom located at its headquarters in Castellón. A space of more than 2,800 m2 divided into four zones: Grespania, Bellacasa, Coverlam, and an area dedicated exclusively to special products for architecture and contract design.

The showroom has been designed in collaboration with prestigious architecture and interior design studios. Constantly updated, it offers both residential and commercial or contract settings, using the new flagship series of its four brands.

Porcelain and ceramic wall tiles for the home

The space dedicated to Grespania and Bellacasa showcases home décor ideas with the emphasis on comfort—in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, outdoor terraces, etc.—using high quality porcelain flooring and wall tile collections featuring innovative designs.

Coverlam, architectural skin
The 1,000 m2 area dedicated to large-format ultrathin Coverlam slabs is the result of painstaking work by the architectural studio Sanahuja & Partners, working hand-in-hand with Grespania's design and decor team. Natural light and Mediterranean inspiration, Jaime Sanahuja's hallmark, play a fundamental role in this experience.

The aim was to make an impact by means of the striking appearance and versatility of Coverlam and Coverlam Top for kitchen countertops, through spacious areas where the visitor can find bold solutions in luxury environments, whether for residential use, for contract design or for public spaces such as airports, hotels and high-footfall areas.

A notable feature of the renovation is the area for the Coverlam Top slabs, which are ideal for kitchen worktops. Here, an elegant XL sliding tile display rack helps visitors safely and easily view the wide-ranging collection of pieces, of up to 1620x3240 mm in size. A range of colours and textures that will delight marble workers and kitchen professionals.

A space full of ideas for the contract professional

The fourth exhibition space designed together with the creative studio CuldeSac is aimed particularly at architects, designers and interior decorators. Covering more than 650 m2, it provides innovative construction solutions, where ceramic takes centre stage in premium spaces including a loft apartment, a spa and a bathroom, as well as a hotel, a restaurant and a boutique.

Novel ceramic products specifically for the field of contract and design. Concept Series with designs available in reduced thicknesses of 3.5 and 5.6 mm in Coverlam, conventional 10mm porcelain tiles, and 20mm, ideal for outdoors. These series are thus the ideal solution for complete projects, from the façade to the interior and exterior floors, or even for kitchen countertops.
These series include the most resistant and attractive collections of technical through-body porcelain, perfect for high-footfall areas as well as applications in ventilated facades and furniture, sure to inspire both the specifier/architect and the end client.

You can now visit the new showroom online thanks to the 360º virtual tour on our website .

All these new spaces are yours to discover just a click away.

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