We here at Grespania have a strong ongoing social commitment to projects run by several non-profit organizations. This interest in contributing to and participating in actions in the public interest is in our DNA, and each of these charitable associations deserves the utmost respect and our admiration.

10th WALK FOR LIFE             

Once again this year we have renewed our commitment to Fundación Le Cado by collaborating in the organization of the 10th Walk for Life.

We at Grespania support Fundación Le Cado's efforts to fund oncological research into breast cancer, thanks to our active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. The Walk for Life raises funds for research into treatment for patients with this type of cancer.

This year the funds raised go to financing the joint efforts with Universitat Jaume I (UJI) to confirm the impact of physical activity on speeding up the recovery of patients receiving pharmacological treatment for breast cancer.

 WE'RE COUNTING ON YOU                  

In addition, Grespania S.A. has been awarded the “Contamos contigo” (We're Counting on You) seal, which acknowledges the company's collaboration with the organization Síndrome de Down Castellón.

This seal attests to Grespania's social commitment to the organization, supporting the achievement of its fundamental goals; namely, ensuring the social inclusion of people with Down syndrome and/or intellectual disabilities, and enhancing their quality of life and that of their families.

Through the “Contamos Contigo” programme launched by Síndrome de Down Castellón, which is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Grespania's values, we can contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive and caring world.

We are very proud to be actively collaborating with these associations and many others that are trying to make the world a more caring place.

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