The Grespania Group will take part in the upcoming HDE (Hotel Design EMEA) from 7th to 9th May, to be held at the Hotel Tivoli in the Algarve, Portugal. For three days, this enchanting location will bear witness to a fast-paced schedule of face-to-face meetings between, on the one hand, specifiers, designers and architects in this key international hotel sector, and on the other, product manufacturers and service providers in this industry.

A team composed of architects specialized in our range of high-end technical products will be in charge of informing meeting attendees about the different brands that make up the Grespania Group, including Coverlam, Coverlam Top and Bellacasa. They will also share the advantages of different products designed for the hotel sector, public spaces and heavy-footfall areas in general.

The Grespania Group hopes to continue its growth in the specification channel, to meet the new challenges facing the company in its commitment to providing cutting-edge technical and architectural solutions.

COVERLAM, a new skin for architecture

Coverlam of large dimensions and reduced thickness, high mechanical strength and inmune to heat, ice and chemical agents, making it ideal to cover any kind of area

Coverlam can easily be placed on walls and floors, over the top of any material without the need for demolition. This eliminates the typical inconveniences associated with renovations, such as noise, dust and debris, thus reducing working time.
Its minimal thickness and low weight facilitate storage and transportation, and do not overload the existing structure.

The advantages of COVERLAM really stand out when it comes to renovations of establishments open to the public. Thanks to the possibility of installation without prior demolition, renovation time is significantly reduced, thus minimizing the time that the business is closed and associated lost business costs. There are also considerable savings as a result of low debris generation. In this regard, virtually all the costs associated with the management and disposal of debris generated during renovation are eliminated.

COVERLAM TOP, a new skin for your kitchen

With its 1620x3240 mm and 1000x3000 mm format, and 12 mm and 10,5 mm thickness, coverlam top is easy to cut and handle, making it a suitable material for covering large areas inside the home.
It is now possible to achieve ultra-resistant finishes for kitchen countertops, tables or cupboards.

Thanks to its great strength, coverlam top is resistant to everyday wear and scratches on countertops, thus maintaining its original aesthetic vibrancy for longer.
Coverlam top can also meet the most demanding needs of the home in terms of resistance to heat, chemicals and damp stain. In addition, thanks to its minimal porosity, it is a hygienic, antibacterial surface ideal for food preparation.

20MM. For outdoor living

The Grespania porcelain tiles reproduce a selection of architectural materials such as concrete, wood and stone with a thickness of 20MM. Along with the excellent technical qualities of the porcelain, the 20MM thickness gives a higher breaking strength and a natural look that makes this high quality series suitable for all types of external applications.

20MM porcelain complements the traditional thickness tiles and is the natural progression for outdoor applications.The availability of products in various thicknesses, formats and finishes, ensures continuity between indoor and outdoor areas. 20MM is the perfect solution for all types of architectural projects.


THROUGHBODY PORCELAIN TILES / FULL BODY is the perfect solution for all types architectural projects.
The use of a tough, durable and low-maintenance material such as THROUGHBODY PORCELAIN TILES / FULL BODY can ensure the durability of our buildings, lowering their maintenance costs and extending the life of their original visual appearance.
As a result, THROUGHBODY PORCELAIN TILES / FULL BODY sets the standard for fine, durable finishes for unique buildings subject to high traffic of both people and vehicles.

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