Cevisama 2018 has closed its doors and we here at Grespania want to look back over what has been one of the most intense weeks of the year, thanks to the influx of professional attendees from all over the world visiting us, and the success enjoyed by the different collections on show.

Once again, this year’s Cevisama trade fair provided the perfect showcase for the latest developments in porcelain, wall tiles and Coverlam, all of which were well received by attendees.

Among the range of new porcelain products, innovative proposals with striking finishes met with remarkable success — such as the richly-textured metallic finishes of the Sidney series or the cement-look Habana series.

In terms of wall tiles, this year’s Cevisama visitors raved over the White & CO series with its expressive, bold, modern reliefs, and the Texture series in the new 45x120cm format.

Special mention goes to the space dedicated to Coverlam, Grespania’s collection of laminate porcelain tile. This is one of the most comprehensive, modern collections available in the sector, with a wide variety of thicknesses: 3.5 mm and 5.6 mm in new 1200x3600 mm, 1200x2600 mm and 1200x1200 mm formats, and the novel 10.5 mm and 12 mm thicknesses in 1000x3000 mm and 1620x3240 mm formats. These formats mean that porcelain can now be used in the kitchen countertops sector, where it offers the advantage of unbeatable strength and durability.

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