18 kwiecień 2016
Altai is the newest release and can be seen at this years Coverings Show 2016 in Chicago, Illinois.

Classic marble gains in value with every season. A material of choice amongst architects and designers, marble is still setting trends. Charming, elegant and with beautiful veins running through the pieces, the Altai series is ideal to create natural atmospheres and give your home a touch of modernity with its original design.

The collection, in polished and natural finish and is available in the 59x59 and 28x59, 60x60 and 30x60 cm format. Noble, bright and warm, the Altai collection opens up in a suggestive range of hues that reaffirm their innate discretion: from white to grey, through a range of ivory and beige.

This is a product with countless applications and huge possibilities in interior design, in the shape of two geometric reliefs in a 30x60 cm format: Gobi and Sayannes, contributing to a clean break with traditional modulation in wall tiles.

The natural elegance of this series and the sheer size of its formats combine to make them an excellent choice for interior design.

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