Grespania returns to Coverings, the largest international showcase for ceramic floor and wall tiles in North America, this year taking place in Orlando, Florida, from April 18th thru 21st.

Grespania will feature its' brands: Grespania, Coverlam - large format slabs, and Coverlam Top - slabs for countertops, with a completely updated booth measuring 110m2 located at number 4821. Visitors will be able to discover the most recent innovations, inspired by interior design trends and most current design for the American market.

The Capitolio series, inspired by travertine marble, is the perfect option to give rooms a timeless look of unprecedented elegance.

The travertine aesthetic evokes an exclusive, refined atmosphere—there's a reason why travertine is a decorative construction material that has remained at the forefront of architectural trends over time.

The Capitolio series in porcelain with a natural finish is notable for its delicate bas-relief that draws inspiration from the characteristic surface of this rock, with subtle hollows where it has been worn down by water. This effect, synchronized with the design of each piece, results in a wealth of reliefs that give the series a natural feel.

But what really endows the Capitolio series with personality and potency is the combination of its two graphics: Vein and Cross. These are the two cuts—with and against the grain—that would be made in a block of travertine marble in a quarry. This variation in the graphics multiplies the possibilities for combining the material.

The series is made up of three colours: bone, white and pearl. The first represents the quintessential ivory shade of natural untreated marble. The more neutral white colour brings luminosity and timelessness. Lastly, pearl is inspired by the natural Paradiso travertine marble, with its characteristic bluish hints that give it a vigorous, modern look.

The collection is available in four formats: 60x120 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm and 10x30 cm, and is rounded out with three decorative mesh-mounted tiles only available in the Cross model: Palatino, Tiber and Celio.

The Yukatan porcelain series emerges from a very simple premise: to bring all the richness, variation and contrast of slate to ceramic design. To replicate its multicoloured slabs and differing textures to produce a whole that reflects the force and life of this stone.

The originality of this collection lies in its wide variety of colours and finishes, notably the innovative and sophisticated high-gloss polished finish in 59x119 cm format, ideal for interiors with an added touch of exclusivity.

Yukatan comes in four colours: white, beige, green and multicolour. The latter offers the richest contrasts thanks to its coppery spots that emulate the colour of rust; as such, it is the one that most closely recalls the natural slate that provides the inspiration for the series. Available in five formats—60x120 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 10x30 cm and 59x119 cm—and three finishes: natural, smooth to the touch with a slate-like surface relief; a high-gloss polish; and anti-slip, ideal for outdoors and high-traffic areas.

Three mesh-mounted tiles complete the series: Maya, with a square lattice; Tulum, with rectangular tesserae in a herringbone pattern; and Itza, a mosaic of irregular trapezoidal pieces. All these mosaic models are ideal for covering ornamental walls.

This rich modular collection is perfect for any environment: it can be used to tile all types of floors, walls and facades where you want to enjoy the warmth and life of natural slate with all the technical advantages offered by porcelain tiles.

Inspired by the natural wood of different forests around the world, the Jungla series emerges, respecting the original nature of this fine material.

Following the success enjoyed by this series in Coverlam and Coverlam Top, Grespania presents the porcelain tile version in 26x160 cm and 19.5x120 cm formats, with the latter available in an anti-slip finish. This completes the series and creates a “total look" collection that, with its multiple formats and thicknesses, offers everything the architect and interior designer may want for projects requiring a warm, modern style.

Thanks to its wide-ranging colour palette it is extremely versatile, making it possible to find the style that best suits each space—from the lightest fir, through to warm cypress, classic oak, or the reddish glints of iroko, rounded out by the darkest teak.

There is a growing trend for wood-look tiles offering superior features and the Jungla series is sure to stand out for its multiple qualities and unbeatable design.

Moisture and the passing of time leave an indelible patina on 16th-century frescoed walls. Those colourful, stripped-down walls are the inspiration behind Grespania's Fresco series, which joins the large-format, ultra-thin Coverlam collection of the same name.

The porcelain tile series comes in 120x120 cm, 60x120 cm and 30x60 cm formats, and three colours—pearl, greige and ochre. In addition, the pieces feature a subtle relief that enhances the graphics, making them even more realistic.

Grespania's Fresco series endows rooms with a unique personality and character.

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