The first general catalogue for Grespania's ICON collection is now available.

Icon brings traditional decor to the most modern interior design, without giving up any of the technical features of porcelain.
Ideal for combining with different materials, this collection can be used to design exclusive, personalized spaces, where the beauty of yesteryear comes together with the latest trends to create a unique atmosphere.

This thoughtfully designed catalogue is created to provide decorative inspiration, offering endless possibilities and combinations thanks to the variety of looks it features.

Going back to fundamentals, a natural, soothing colour palette has been chosen. Matcha Tea is a calm, refreshing, modern green that goes perfectly with the series.
The covers, which are made of a natural heavy-weight paper in the corporate colour, feature a bas-relief grid design reflecting the formats in the series, with the logo and text printed in white, thereby conveying the essence of the collection from the very beginning.

The catalogue consists of two clearly distinct parts.

There is the introduction to the product, outlining the formats, finishes and types of product used. This is set apart from the rest of the catalogue through the use of a special natural paper whose rustic feel transports the reader to the imperfect beauty of the craftsmanship evoked by the series.

The core of the catalogue is dedicated to presenting the different series, beginning with a moodboard featuring the different pieces. On the moodboard, the pieces are combined with other Grespania products,—in stone, cement, wood-look— to provide ideas for possible combinations with other materials.
Incorporated as decorative features are the tools alluding to the source of inspiration for the series, such as the moulds for making the hydraulic tiles or tools for carving the stone.
A nod to the craftsmanship that Grespania has revived using advanced production processes.

This section provides multiple ideas for room designs and combinations of materials through a multitude of different looks.
It also shows the versatility of the collection, since the possibilities are multiplied by varying the orientation of the same piece when laying the tiles, creating different patterns.

The result is an appealing, original catalogue, which through the sum of its parts manages to perfectly convey the DNA of the Icon collection, and which is an essential tool for providing ideas for room designs, whether modern, classic or contemporary.

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