10 Febraio 2016
The Avalon series is collection that is full of vitality; its urban-themed colours are enhanced by a touch of the patina typical of cement surfaces exposed to the bustle of the city and the passage of time. This, along with the wide range of available formats, combine to create public and private spaces that have a modern, metropolitan chic.

The Avalon series comes in four formats—80x80 cm, 40x80 cm, 60x60 cm and 7x28 cm—as well as in five colours: white, cement, Marengo, anthracite and taupe.

The series is completed with the 60x60 cm Morgana decor, featuring schematically simple graphics that find their inspiration between the industrial and the artistic.

The Avalon collection helps create surroundings that are urban, yet cosy and comfortable thanks to its effect of slightly time-worn material and well-used surfaces.

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