MindTile is the virtual platform created by the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) as part of the project InCoreTrends: platform for innovative ceramic products for living spaces. The aim of this platform is to showcase the main new products and the latest trends in ceramics for living spaces, while enabling ceramic product specifiers and interior design and architecture professionals to gather information about styles, types, formats, colour palettes and sustainability criteria of the products, among other aspects.

With its three brands, Grespania Group is one of the collaborating companies on MindTile. Its new products are featured on this virtual showroom which provides ceramic tile specifiers and end-users with a catalogue of products classified by habitat trends and all the features that guide the information search stage of the ceramic product purchasing process. The platform thus allows users to effectively identify the most appropriate products for assembling the final living space.

Architects, designers and project developers use this platform to present examples of room designs created with products that instil people and spaces with a sense of well-being, offering their perspectives on new requirements for living spaces.

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