Proyecto destacado abril
Proyecto destacado abril
Gran Hotel Manzana Kepinski *****
Architecture Studio: Arno JOUBERT

La Manzana de Gómez—originally built between 1894 and 1917 as the first European-style shopping arcade in Cuba, and later expanded to include theatres, offices and a school—reopened in 2017 as the Gran Hotel Manzana Kepinski, the first 5-star plus hotel in Cuba.
Located in the heart of Old Havana, between the central Havana avenues of the 1950s, this 6-storey hotel features several Grespania collections, used to create spaces where elegance and Cuban popular culture intermingle.

The roof-top terrace, featuring an avant-garde minimalist design, has walls tiled with large panels of Coverlam in grey, which offsets the whiteness of the rest of the building.

Grespania boasts a team of professionals from the world of architecture and engineering, dedicated to the architectural application of our most unique products.
For this project, our team developed the plan for cutting-to-size all the pieces used for the roof-top terrace façade, facilitating the installation work by ensuring all the pieces were numbered.

On the floor of the “ Evocación Tobacco Lounge”
—a space pairing Cuban cigars and rums—the Bergen piece from the Escandinavia series combines the warmth of wood with the resistance of porcelain tiles. Several walls are tiled with the mosaic Velia, endowing the room with elegant glints of light. In the bar area, meanwhile, the Star wall tile frames the Cuban rums.

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