rotundo éxito en cersaie 2016
rotundo éxito en cersaie 2016

Cersaie 2016 came to a close for Grespania with an extremely positive reaction from all attendees who showed great interest in the new collection.

A wide range of new porcelain models, white-body wall tiles and Coverlam all contributed to the special appeal from the Grespania Cersaie collection. With natural finishes inspired by wood, stone, and marble this was an ideal product range for Grespania’s demanding international market who seek only the latest design trends.

Serie Vulcano (Porcelain Tile)

Serie Katmandú (Porcelain Tile)


Cersaie serves as an excellent showcase for Grespania to display its great versatility in design and production. It is a company that throughout its long history has distinguished itself by always striving for excellence and innovation, leading the way with the use of digital technology and now with laminated porcelain tile production.

Collections such as Gea, Kota, Avenue and Cambridge are a clear example of this relentless search for new design trends that foresee the needs of the A&D community.

Serie Kota 31,5x100 cm (Wall Tile)

Serie Kota + Avalon + Cambridge

Serie Cambridge (Porcelain Tile)                            Serie Baltico 31,5x100 cm (Wall tile)

Serie Baltico 31,5x100 cm (Wall tile)

Serie Avenue (Porcelain tile)

The Coverlam collection deserves a special mention. The magnificent Calacata series in both the Mix and Book versions, as well as the expansion of the Lava series with the new rusted metal Corten colour both create new possibilities and applications not to mention the new very useful 120x260cm size.

Serie Coverlam Calacata + Serie Gea



In summary, for Grespania Cersaie 2016 has become the perfect showcase to ensure this modern, extensive collection reaches the widest possible audience.
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